OLDTOWN White Coffee has recently faced malicious and false allegations with regards to its ownership. These false allegations urge consumers to boycott our brand on the basis of false misinformation that we are owned by an individual from a political party. These allegations have been recurring for the past few years and have surfaced from time to time online.

OLDTOWN White Coffee takes these allegations seriously as this misinformation is untrue and creates a negative perception of our business. We have filed a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (“MCMC”) and will not hesitate to take legal action against detractors.

We would like to reiterate once again that OLDTOWN White Coffee is not affiliated to any political party, nor does the company have any political interest. In early 2018, OLDTOWN White Coffee was wholly acquired by the Dutch-based Jacobs Douwe Egberts’ (“JDE”) through its indirect unit, Jacobs Douwe Egberts Holdings Asia NL BV, which is a leading global pure-play consumer packaged goods coffee company.

OLDTOWN White Coffee’s vision is to be Asia Pacific’s leading white coffee brand, providing high quality products to customers globally. We hope this statement is clear and there will be no spreading of misinformation in the future.


About OLDTOWN White Coffee

Established in 1999, OLDTOWN White Coffee manufactures instant beverage mixes and products in addition to operating over 230 café outlets throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

In 2005, the business expanded into the food service sector with the opening of a chain of café outlets based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop setting and ambience under the brand name “OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE”.

OLDTOWN White Coffee now exports its instant beverage mixes to 18 countries worldwide and plans to continue expanding its café outlet network in the region.