In accordance to the Goods & Services Tax Act 2014 (GST Act), Section 9(5), the Act states:

Where any registered person displays, advertises, publishes or quotes in any manner the price of any supply of goods or services he makes or intends to make, such price shall include the tax that is chargeable on the supply unless the Director General approves otherwise under subsection (7).

The Management of the brand OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE would like to inform all customers that all our corporate owned, and franchised shops are ‘registered persons’ under the GST Act, and as at 1 April 2015, our menu as well as retail display prices are now inclusive of 6% GST for all standard rated items.

6% GST replaces the former 6% Sales and Service Tax also known as Government Tax under the former tax regime.

The only change is to the calculation of Service Charge, whereby the 10% Service Charge is also now subject to 6% GST as a Service Charge is a charge for the supply of services at our shops and is therefore subject to GST. This is provided for under the Guide on Tax Invoice and Records Keeping as at 20 July 2014 as issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.

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