The settings and ambience of our generic shop furnished with reminiscence of the past. OLDTOWN White Coffee has revamped and revived the traditional café concept into a modern outlook. Our cafe concept is known for its distinctive inviting atmosphere; cosy, casual and relaxing.


Our unveiling of OLDTOWN White Coffee – Signature, is set to offer our patrons a different look and feel. With its pristine furnishing and fittings, contemporary outline and warm ambience maintaining its atmosphere for our patrons to enjoy their dining experience in a tranquil environment.


To gratify our patrons, OLDTOWN White Coffee has introduced a new business model for people on the go. Focusing on customer velocity, our limited menu offers only well-liked food and beverages which appeals to both the young and old alike.

Application Process

Proses Permohonan

Applicant to submit Franchise Application Form
Pemohon menghantar Borang Permohonan Francais

Applicant to submit Franchise Application Form
Pemohon menghantar Borang Permohonan Francais

Territory Visit & Assessment

Lawatan ke Kawasan & Penilaian

Applicant and Franchisor to visit location
Pemohon dan Franchisor mengatur lawatan ke kawasan

Applicant to undergo Harrison Assessment
Pemohon dikehendaki mengambil ujian Penilaian – Harisson Asseement

Interview Process

Proses Temuduga

Final interview with both Applicant and Franchisor
Temuduga akhir diantara Pemohon dan Franchisor

Development Process (Upon Success)

Proses Pembangunan (Setelah Berjaya)

Letter of Offer issue by Franchisor
Surat Tawaran dikeluarkan oleh Franchisor

Initial Payment to be made
Pembayaran Yuran Pendahuluan dilakukan

Renovation and Training

Pengubahsuaian dan Latihan)

Measurement, Design and Renovation works 60 days
Pengukuran, reka bentuk dan pengubahsuaian dalam masa 60 hari

Franchisee to undergo 60 days training
Franchisee menjalani latihan selama 60 hari

Opening Approval

Kelulusan Pembukaan

Outlet Opening with Support team
Pembukaan Outlet bersama kakitangan sokongan